7 ways to get amazing wedding pictures!

Your wedding day has been decided, you are done with most of your preparations and it's time to consider the picture coverage that will tell the story of your wedding. Pictures that you can keep forever. How do you go about it to make sure you get beautiful pictures for that beautiful day? These are some tips to guide you.

Select a professional photographer with experience in weddings : Narrow down the list of photographers by picking out the ones that shoot a lot of weddings. Not all aspects of photography is the same so the more experience in weddings the better. See their work and go for the one that pleases you most.

Arrange to speak with or meet your photographer before the wedding day : Even though this is not absolutely necessary sometimes it helps you bond with your photographer better. If you have things you would like to try this be the best opportunity to discuss it. He may also give you a fee tips.

Trust your photographer : It's very important to trust your photographer. If you did the first two right you would have booked a competent person so on your day allow him to do his job. Your photographer will work much better if you allow him the space and obedience he requires. It's your day but for the sake of breathtaking pictures be a darling and play along

Try to relax : Pictures tell stories and if you are upset, angry or irritated it will most likely show. Sometimes the fake smiles make it even worse. If you are nervous talk to your bridal party or even the photographer. As someone to tell you a joke, do anything to calm yourself down and let nature bring out your true happiness for those priceless pictures.

Take your time : Often times the wedding couple is in such a hurry to God knows where. Plan your wedding in such a way that you have enough time for the photographer to nproperly cover everything. The day belongs to you so make the best of it. If you can have your exclusives(pictures of just the bride and groom) taken before the ceremony or before the reception. After all the dancing and eating chances are your makeup will be worn out and you will both be tired.

Smile, smile, smile : They say a smile costs nothing but it's worth a lot. It's your wedding day and you are happy to tie the knot with that special someone. Nothing says 'I'm happy' more than a smile. If you have trouble smiling think about good memories of your significant other, your future together or anything else worth smiling for.

Be nice to your photographer : Being nice goes a long way to getting beautiful pictures. Remember how a seller will give you ntusuo (a bonus) just because you were nice? Well it works here too. Sometimes just being polite and friendly to your photographer can boost his creativity levels to get more amazing shots. It simply motivates him because you have showed appreciation. We are all human aftersall.

So there you have it, 7 things you can do to make your wedding pictures the envy of all your friends and who knows maybe your children too.



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