"Four thousand Naira for coffee and sandwich

I've never been one to question the high prices on seemingly basic items at public places like bars, hotels, clubs airports and Lagos, I always chuckled within me thinking "they want to cover this month's rent or diesel and fuel costs, no way in hell should that bottle of Eva sell for 900" then watch as some one seemingly more well to do than myself goes over to request the same item, while I choked on saliva. 

This morning, while waiting for my flight from Lagos to Asaba, at the domestic wing of the Murtala Mohammed international airport, I tried to calm the rumbles in my stomach with a cup of cofee and a sandwich, ordinarily, this would go for at most 800 Naira on the outside, but I mentally assume it'd cost at most, 1500 here. Surprised myself by blurting out "4000 Naira for cofee and Sandwich? Sister you must think I'm an expat" 

Now I'm here just waiting for my flight to be called, while trying to type through the stomach rumblings, watching the empty food court that is littered with a trio of elderly men of the fair skin. Then it hits me that I'd pay for 15 dollars for the same meal at YYZ. *sigh* The economy may be plummeting, but some people aren't affected -yet- One day hopefully I'd get to that level. 

Heavens be praised my flight has been announced.



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