One month later...

Hey, there!. I am gonna make this a short one. One month ago, my passion project, INGLOB, launched! It wasn't really a spectacular launch -we got a couple of press from blogs around the continent and that was it.

We sort of decided to tone down on the marketing effort and observe it perform in the wild ... Oh boy! That's been an interesting experience yo say the least . From a complaint about the coffee price in Nigeria Airports to Empire State Software launching an extraordinary competition that will help 3 entrepreneurs bring their solution to life.

We've seen makeup advicebeauty subscription service, reports on illicit financial flows ... AND NOT A SINGLE SPAM. Out of 100+ article posted on INGLOB -an open platform that let anyone post even without an account. Not a single spam. That's just amazing.

I have always believed in the power of a community and the cool stuff that happen when the people are given a voice. I will continue to make INGLOB better, and I hope INGLOB will continue to be a place where we all connect to share our stories :D





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