The difference between writing codes and creating solutions | Rodrigue Tusse | LinkedIn

Last week, I was asked what coding meant to me.

Now that's an interesting question!

To be honest, it's a question I hadn't asked myself in a while and I don't think one that we, developers, ask ourselves enough. Suddenly, I was reminded of what got me excited about writing codes to start with.

You See, for me, it's never been about how many lines of codes I wrote, or the what killer algorithm I used to solve the most complex mathematical problem. The thing that made me excited the most was creating cool stuff that made people go wow when I showed it to them. The fact that I could use logic in an almost artistic manner to create solutions that mattered to anyone interacting with them regardless of whether they knew how it worked.

We all use google every day ... but how many people really know how the PageRank algorithm works.

I feel like we should think of all the components (programming language, system architecture, database etc..) that help make a great tech product as means through which we get to change people's life ... just like a painter would utilise stroke techniques, canvas and paints to create a piece of arts.




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