Be open. Be free

Well, let me ask you this? What would happen if we lived in a world where we all share a single truth; the same taste in...

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Money and Happiness

We personify things in order to understand them. We think in stories, and the stories that make the most sense involve the challenges,...

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Police officer slams girl to floor at North Carolina high school

A police officer was videotaped slamming to the floor a female African-American student at a North Carolina school on Tuesday,...

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Hundreds of migrants try to storm border into Spain's enclave of Ceuta

At least 800 sub-Saharan African migrants tried to cross into Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta from Morocco on Sunday by...

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Africa: Apps to Keep Kids Thinking and Learning Even During School Holidays

As the summer holidays draw near in many parts of the world, parents shouldn't be surprised if kids choose to fill their days with...

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