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Africa: Apps to Keep Kids Thinking and Learning Even During School Holidays

As the summer holidays draw near in many parts of the world, parents shouldn't be surprised if kids choose to fill their days with...

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Wish you less suck for 2017

2016 was a rather special year if you ask me. If there is anything to take from the various occurences throughout the year (I...

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Sudan’s ecosystems and natural resources are deteriorating. Temperatures are rising, water supplies are scarce, soil fertility is low...

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Teen Joel Kioko is dancing his way out of poverty from Kenyan slums to ballet stage

In a country not usually associated with classical ballet, a 16-year-old dancer leaps onto the stage, his gravity-defying turns taking...

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Ethiopia: Why Foreign Investment Is Still Flowing to Ethiopia

By all accounts, Ethiopia has had a tough year. The effects of El Nino were deeply felt across the country. Agriculture was impacted....

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