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Zimbabwe is running out of money -- can a cashless society save it?

Zimbabwe's banks are running out of cash and there's a sense of distrust, panic and frustration among locals.

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Libya's coastal cities are 'making millions from people smuggling'

Libya's coastal cities are making up to €325m (£272m) in revenue each year from people smuggling, the commander of a EU military task...

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The way economics is taught needs an overhaul: a South African case study

Economics is a discipline that ought, at its best, to explain the world and its complexities. Unlike physics, it is not an exact...

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Africa Takes Its Turn on the Runway

It was a fashion show that stopped traffic.

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Young Africans,Wrapped in Tradition

The young woman sat proudly, firmly placing her hand below her chin to profile her face. Colorful silk fabric was neatly wrapped...

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