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Pan-African passport will boost air travel by 24%

The introduction of the pan-African passport in 2018 will lead to an over 20% increase in travel spending on the continent. This is...

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UN calls for urgent action to protect young women from HIV/Aids in Africa

UNAids chief says thousands of girls and young women are still being infected with HIV every week

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The MIT grad building Nigeria's first STEM campus

Most graduates of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston have their choice of six-figure-salary jobs...

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The power of African Diaspora networks

African diaspora love their heritage countries and most send support in various forms to their families that remained behind. Most...

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Africa: Why Are Russians Complaining About Africa?

For more than two decades, Russia has been struggling to regain its Soviet-era economic influence, but such efforts have hit stumbling...

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