[cool stuff] 'Virtual doctors' helping patients in Zambia

Just found this article on BBC and I am amazed with the idea that a basic solution applied to the right problem is able to...

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D'banj Kabla Hajawa Big Star

Mwaka 2001, D'banj alienda Uingereza na kufanya kazi kama mlinzi.

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The UnAfrican-ness of Africa’s Fabric

Preserving every ounce of one’s African-ness is a duty several expats have taken on. For many, wearing “African” wax print is a means...

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Why are 600 million Africans still without power?

Across 36 African countries, just 2 in 5 people have access to a reliable supply of energy throughout the day, according to a new...

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A Brief History of Afro-Textured Hair, black women’s hair: 1400-1900

Why do Black women typically have so much pride in styling their hair? This “pride” has been passed down since pre-colonial Africa...

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