What's INGLOB?

INGLOB is a uniquely African, people-powered media platform that sources substantive and high-quality content directly from creators, and distributes it to readers across the Web via multiple channels.

Content creators include writers, independent journalists, artists, organisations and independent networks. INGLOB gives content creators unprecedented access to audiences, as well as a new way to disseminate and consume information.

Why we created INGLOB?

We started INGLOB because we thought that despite the fact the web was becoming a huge part of the African Millennial’s life, there weren’t enough contents aimed at that specific demographic … or if there was it wasn’t easy to find/discover them. We wanted to create a platform on which Africans could come to share and discover new information.

What’s unique about INGLOB?

Our goal is to not really to “disrupt” the media space … but rather, provoke some constructive debates on some key issues on the continents such as Human Rights, Freedom of speech and real democracy. When the people are given a voice, wonderful things happen … and we want INGLOB to be the new voice of Africa.

Who are we?

INGLOB was first launch last year as a link aggregator created by Rodrigue Tusse – a programmer from the DRC now based in South Africa. Since then Tim Muepu has joined him as a co-founder.