3 Important Tips for Any Teacher to Start a Classroom Blog

The trends of modernized classrooms is gradually gaining grounds over the traditional systems through the use of digital tools and state of the art features. Besides the commonly known educational platforms such as social media, online education portals, a classroom blog is also equally helpful but rarely brought into the picture. Classroom blogs are another effective online platform that not only the teachers, but students as well as parents can also use.

The prime aim of these blogs is to encourage quality two-way interaction, engagement, and eliminate the hindrances between the classroom walls and the homes of the students. Simply, you can share your thoughts and ideas, hence, no reason for procrastinators.

So how can teachers acquire the best use from classroom blogs?

1. The foremost and easily the most important tips, all the teachers should make it a habit of updating their blogs on daily basis. The point to understand is that you should let your readers know when they can expect new blogs to be uploaded. This is why it is advised to select a time once a week where you’ll be publishing new content consistently, hence, bringing your audience back again and again. Let the readers know that you are credible and reliable, the first thing that is going to grow your audience.

2. Start listing down the topics you are going to write blogs on, more precisely the ones fitting your course curriculum. It is better to come up with a number of alternates to help you get started, rather than a single topic.

3. Try to stay as vigilant as possible with the type of people and content you upload for your blog. Never leave your blog’s comment’s section open for general public, it might seem tempting to allow as much readers to interact as possible, but let’s not fall off the beam and stick to the topic’s purpose. This is why it is advised to set the approval settings, to allow only the relevant people for contribution. The number of notifications might seem frustrating in the beginning. But it’s better to sustain the worth and quality of your blog.

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