3 Introductory Tips Students Need to See before Submitting Their Assignments in the Classroom

Regular assignments throughout the academic tenures is given on routine basis to all the students in high school or university. Besides understanding and memorizing the subject material, they are also compelled to complete their project before the deadline date. Assignment writing is a serious skillset that requires great effort and intelligence to deliver a writing masterpiece, this is why there are times when even the brightest in the class fall short of things before submitting the project to the teacher.

As for this discussion, we’re going to talk about some great tips that should help the students in completing and submitting the right assignment justifying the subject material and topic.

1. The assignment’s purpose

Writing the purpose of the assignment is the fundamental thing that student should do first. The teachers are well-aware taking the purpose and objectives of the assignment topic, but obviously we cannot thing the students will also be on the same page. The point is help the students understand the assignment’s core purpose, which in turn they will be able to link it with bigger things.

This will also open a transparent communication channel, hence motivating the students to write the assignment with effort and enthusiasm.

2. Cognitive and rhetorical mode

Any educator would want his or her students to incorporate the rhetorical or cognitive mode in their coursework writing. In short, it is about using the right verbs and deciding whether the assignment should be analytical, argumentative, descriptive, or informative in nature. However, do note that the word such as explore, comment, etc. should be avoided as they can cause confusion. Ask the students to clearly identify the issue, for example, an issue to discuss, a question to answer, or an argument in favor or against of the statement.

3. Find the right audience

Every blog or article is written for a defined audience. The same case applies in the education sector as well, where the students are required to define their audience before initiating the work on any given topic. Unfortunately, there are many students who write for the sake of first-time submission and obtaining good grades from their supervisor, what they should realize is that the audience in this case is the supervisor him- or herself.

Obviously, the supervisor will be well-versed in all the topics given in the class. What teachers can do from their behalf is they can ask the students to think something out of the box, or an audience we rarely consider, for instance, students who missed the last class, a group of individuals who specifically are not willing to speak in favor of the topic, or simply readers, who are more inclined to use the information to write their own blogs, articles, press releases, etc.

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