Comic books and YouTube

So I love comic books...

Its a passion I have had for many years since I was a child super heroes, villains and amazing stories that build fantasy characters in amazing worlds had always captivated me. 

It is only now I decided to pursue my passion of comic books with more focus. I started a YouTube channel early this year with the purpose of sharing my love of comic books with others and establishing a community of like minded people. 

Evidently this is not a simple task. Starting a YouTube channel and having it become a little bit of a success is a tough learning experience especially when you have daytime job. I'm always looking for ways to improve SEO, Keywords, Views and Likes and I'm learning to write scripts and to edit images. Literally any bit of help I can get is amazing as it teaches me more and more. 

Truthfully I'm not there yet but I'm still pursuing this passion and hopefully one day my channel will be a success.


Twitter: ComicsinSA  


thanks :) 

I subscribed.