Jiu Jitsu Mat Etiquettes

General Conduct

– Try not to be late for the class. In addition to the fact that it is rude to the instructor and different understudies, it additionally places you in a worried temper which isn't helpful for learning.

– Wear your shoes between the changing room at the tangle. This is for your advantage and everybody else's.

– Bow before you advance on the tangle and before you venture off. This is an indication of regard.

– Try not to yell uproariously while you are in the dojo. You should attempt to behave. Treat others how you might want to be dealt with.

– Don't talk while the educator is showing something. This is both impolite and rude.

– Do not gloat about who you tapped out and how extreme you are. Each puppy has his day, and eventually you will be lowered, so begin acting that path when you can.

– Wash your gi at any rate once every second instructional course. No one prefers the rotten buddy.


– Traditionally, the implicit decide is that you don't request that a higher review fight. Be that as it may, in the event that you are considerate and conscious, most senior understudies wouldn't fret on the off chance that you do.

– Try to see your fighting accomplices as individuals who are there to enable you to learn. On the off chance that you run unreasonably hard with them, at some point or another they will run hard with you.

– The more you unwind and let go of the result, the quicker you will learn. The harder you attempt to press and muscle your way through each circumstance, the slower your advance will be.

– Be CAREFUL while applying entries. A large number of the wounds that happen in bjj are caused by understudies who need discretion and apply moves with an excess of beast constrain. Do whatever it takes not to be one of these folks – no one enjoys them.

– Be mindful of those competing around you. Very regularly avoidable wounds happen when one sets of competing understudies arrives over another. In the event that your zone of the tangle winds up plainly swarmed, move to somewhere else. Lower reviews dependably move off the beaten path of higher evaluations.

– Don't put your hands or feet on your rival's face.

– When the educator calls time, STOP. Try not to bear on endeavoring to accomplish your position or complete your accommodation.

With the help of all these etiquettes and tactics that need to be used and ensured by jiu jitsu players, they are quite likely to develop the approach, momentum and the attitude that is important when it comes to handling different techniques, dynamics and strategies that need to be employed for jiu jitsu in order to make the entire game plan more effective as well as success contributing to the performance of the players in this field. At the same time, these attitudes also help in helping jiu jitsu players learn the ways in which they need to compose their temperament when playing this game.