Our first monthly ShareYourStory challenge.

Thumb storytelling in business

Share your unique story about Africa with the world, and stand a chance to lead the INGLOB leaderboard as well as win a 500 Rand cash prize.

How to enter:

- Register on inglob.co

- Post a story with the tag ShareYourStory in the end of your title


- One Entry a month

- A minimum of 500 words essay or 2 min video (INGLOB let you embed video links from YouTube and Vimeo) telling the word a unique story about Africa. It could be a blog piece about yourself or your community. What you share and how you chose is really up to you.

The community will be deciding on the winner. The most liked post will be:

- Promoted on fb and twitter

- Heading our leaderboard on the front page on inglob.co

- Winning a 500 Rand cash prize.

It's on!