The journey of of a startup business

Starting business is not some thing easy to do, however is worth doing, when you know that the product or service you provide to people is to help humanity in some way, well I remember when starting Muzi and Innocent Marketing solutions, We and few friends spoke about opening a university residential magazine, after a team of students launch a university newspaper, as young students with ambitions and a glimpse of magic that technology does we were so excited about start something new and contributing beyond just being students to the institution, we plan for days about how we can make this magazine a success.

A week went by without any action but mere talks and mini meetings in our spare time, we dreamed about the success of the magazine, the sponsorships that comes with this project and how we can have something great in our resume not just the class grades, but did the magazine came to live, well to this date it had not happened and one of our friend, actually one from my home town decided to change campus, and well he went and bad faith he was not accepted on the other campus residence for some strange reason that we don't even know even to date.

Muzi our friend whom moved campuses find himself stranded of a place to stay at the new campus, and he was forced to stay at home were he explored some business channel, branding solutions. After identifying the market He called me and asked me about my interest in continuing to build a business, well yeah, business is makes money isn't? damn I was about to find out.

Final we met he told me all how we can start and make money through this designing business branding businesses in our villages, we agreed on starting and since I was still at varsity and he was home, he'll do the work of acquiring clients and I'll have to learn to do graphic design and sharpen my skills of web development, we started small with one client and next we have about four clients we servicing and we feeling proud of what we had done, and we see some cash rolling, so we started to buy equipment for our office, oh yes Muzi's backroom, and over time we turn the place into an office space that amazed almost everyone who came to our office.

Small businesses don't stay small, we acquired more clients, Graduated from varsity and came to work full time in our office, our clientele was now much bigger for two men company we couldn't service them all at once, started having a salary, had government incentive, but in all this we did not plan way ahead we acquired some debts because we were working on a shoestring budget, and we couldn't keep up.

I started to look for a job through a pressure of my parents since they felt like they wasted their money and energy on me to pay up for my varsity fees, well since the job promises more cash than the start up grind, so I guess Muzi lost interest in working in a startup with someone who may even leave any day. 

Muzi started another company doing almost the same things as Muzi and Innocent Marketing Solutions, and our heads were not in the game anymore we acquired more debts as the company and we couldn't keep up with our clients and we witness the down fall of our beautiful startup crumbling in front of our eyes, later on Muzi served his resignation letter so he could focus on his new baby, by that time the business was not to well, did I mentioned that we had already hired two guys to help us, well our team had grown a bit, however that we couldn't make the company work like before.

I had to carry on alone, lost a great partner who teached me a lot about business and entrepreneurial world, it was not easy I started picking up the pieces but it was not easy debts were very high, my mind on more than one place looking for a job and doing business that was not yielding great results at that moment.

Boom, internship opportunity in a big city, damn boy that's a breakthrough in this frustrating times, I accepted the internship, and put my business on the suitcase, and push it under my bed, and run.  


@Shaun, I hope you actively starting afresh with experience, and good lessons from previous business, anyway what your business was all about?

Hey Innocent I really related with this. I've recently had to close down my own small business I started in varsity with 2 of my friends. I learned that the partners you choose are crucial and that debt needs to be managed carefully at all times. Keep dreaming man, I know I haven't. 

Hey Rodrigue, Thanks I'm actually keep the dream alive, and working on making it better.

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As a follow dreamer, I say to you: keep the dream alive